London Withdrawals


*I’m missing London, so I’m sharing a few old posts! 

Welp, it happened. I fell in love with the foggy town. I knew I’d fall in love. I told myself I’d be Cameron Diaz in the Holiday, refusing to fall for Jude Law. But how could she resist that crooked smile clad in those crisp blue oxford shirts and perfect tweed coats? And how could I resist that architecture and history? Or the cobblestone streets,  fashionable commuters and cozy pubs?

You know you’ve fallen hard when the things that used to bug you about a person don’t bug you anymore. I usually don’t care for the rain unless I’m cozy, tucked away somewhere by the fire, but in London I welcomed it with open arms. I wrapped my scarf tightly around my neck and pushed against the winds like a champ.


There was something freeing about that Underground transit. The freedom to go anywhere on the map I held in my hand by just hopping on a tube. This wasn’t anything new, NYC and Chicago have their subways, but in London everyone seemed to be so much more excited to get to where they were going, even if it was to work. The little conversations I’d overhear were so witty and lively, many times I wanted to include myself but quickly realized how ridiculous I’d look so I resorted to eavesdropping instead.

My appetite for wanderlust isn’t even close to being satisfied, I just crave more and more each time my plane touches down. Travel will always be addicting. The meeting of new people and getting lost on accident before getting lost on purpose will never get old.

London I miss you. I’ll come back to you soon. We can have a long distance relationship can’t we?


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