Why Did It Take Me Til The End of This Year?


On the morning of December 31st, my eyes popped open at 8am sharp and I immediately decided that I would drive to Indiana five hours away to spend NYE with some old friends. Now let me start by saying that I am an organized spontaneous person. Yes I like to do random things, but I need at least a day, maybe a week to plan. I know you’re giving me the death stare right now, maybe even glaring at your screen because you know that’s not the definition of spontaneity. But that’s me, organized chaos.

I like knowing what’s going to happen before it happens, always have. Uncertainty freaks me out a bit. I’m adventurous, but not spontaneous. For some reason though, that morning I had all of this adrenaline and didn’t know what to do with it. So, I rented a car, packed my bags and started driving.

Ok, so  I know you’re thinking that’s not a huge deal. But I learned something that day. For one of the first times in my life I thought about something and a few hours later made it become a reality. Too many times I consider something and leave it as just that, a consideration. I got to Indy and had one of best New Year Eve’s of my short life! We danced and sang and made random friends, it was like a scene straight outta Girlfriends (I still need Joan’s hair though). And it felt great to know that I had made that happen for myself. I was like “wait girl, you mean you had the power to be this spontaneous your whole life?!”

On the ride back to Nashville, I realized that it’s up to me to make things like this happen. If I want something I gotta go get it. That goes for relationships, my career and just life in general. I can’t simply sit and wait for opportunities to fall in my lap anymore. Nah, just do it.



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